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Accupac Products

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Film Print Registration
Tear Tape Print Registration
Tipping Paper Print Registration
Inner Frame Print Registration
Pack Inner Foil Print Registration
Carton Overwrapping
AccuPac is an integrated system for total accuracy and control of film positioning that allows the use of overprinted films for cigarette and cigar wrapping machines.
The AccuPac Vertical Print Positioning System provides print positioning vertically on the cigarette pack face.
This new feature will enable the use of print registered tear tape or print registered film to be used on the same packaging machine.
AccuPac has developed yet another method of direct communication, utilising existing packaging for maximum impact at the point of purchase.
AccuPac Foil - a Print Registration system for control of pre-printed foil on cigarette packing machinery.
AccuPac film registration can be used extend the message or design theme of the pack film to the outer carton overwrap.
The Coupon Onserter applies labels or coupons as pack Onserts. These can be folded and would typically comprise a 6-side, 3 leaf Z-fold leaflet.
The new Tipping Paper Registration System allows multiple messages on tipping papers, even within the same pack.


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