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Inner Frame Print Registration

A powerful new tool for cigarette marketing from AccuPac.

As a result of increasingly stringent advertising restrictions on the tobacco industry, AccuPac has developed yet another method of direct communication, utilising existing packaging for maximum impact at the point of purchase.

By drawing upon the experience gained in the design and production of its superior range of film print positioning systems, IAS has developed AccuPac Inner Frame Print Registration, which utilises state-of-the-art servo technology to provide unprecedented control in the handling of pre-printed inner frame card.

AccuPac Inner Frame Print Registration is designed to be retro-fitted to existing cigarette packing machinery of any type or age such as GDX2, Focke 350, Molins HLP1 and Molins HLP4.

AccuPac designed cigarette pack showing a sample of the type of uses for Inner Frame registration & Foil registration.


AccuPac Inner Frame Print Registration:

  • Another innovative solution for on-pack marketing, advertising and promotions.

  • Messages or graphics can be cost-effectively printed on the inner frame and positioned by AccuPac Inner Frame.

  • Designed to be retro-fitted to existing production machinery.

  • Designed for quick installation - typically in 2 to 3 days.

  • Can be used with printed or unprinted inner frames.

  • Does not affect the use of GDX2 Insert.

For application of AccuPac Inner Frame to your particular machinery, please contact AccuPac.

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