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Printed Film/Printed Tear Tape Registration

AccuPac is an integrated system for total accuracy and control of film positioning that allows the use of overprinted films for cigarette and cigar wrapping machines.

With increasing restrictions being placed on the advertising of tobacco products, AccuPac provides vital point-of-sale promotional opportunities by allowing announcement flashes, special offers and even bar codes to be displayed colourfully on the pack itself - without the need for costly overprinting of the base pack blank.

Very importantly, AccuPac Film Print Registration Systems can be retro-fitted to all of the most commonly used cigarette wrapping machinery with the minimum of disruption and downtime for the packing line. It provides a cost-effective solution to on-pack promotional requirements. Set-ups can be carried out rapidly, while fast and accurate reel changes provide vital continuity on the line.

AccuPac also delivers improved quality control and production information, with accuracy of alignment and consistency of film supply, even using thin gauge films. AccuPac is a range of print registration control systems for Horizontal Print Positioning, Tear Tape Registration and Vertical Print Positioning. The range is now extended to include registration of pre-printed inner frame and inner foil. AccuPac is in use worldwide in 19 countries and is fast becoming the industry standard for print registration systems.


Molins WMH2 with AccuPac print registration and Vertical Print Positioning.

Focke 401 Wrapper with AccuPac Film & Tear Tape print registration and Vertical Print Positioning.

GD4350 with AccuPac film print registration and Vertical Print Positioning.

Molins WMH2 with AccuPac print registration, showing motor mounting position.

GD4350 with AccuPac operator interface mounted on a Swinging Arm control station.

  • Print Repeat Tolerance
    AccuPac is designed to ensure accurate positioning of the printed film, overcoming the unavoidable print repeat variations present in even the best quality printed films.

  • Delivery Time from receipt of order
    This is typically only eight to ten weeks.

  • Minimal Installation downtime
    AccuPac is installed within two working days, allowing a prompt resumption of production.

  • Any Pack Size
    The film cut-off length is user set at the push of a button - no change parts are required for different film lengths.

  • User adjustable print position
    The print position can be adjusted on the run during machine operation using directional arrows on the touch screen.

  • Automatic correction and rejection
    Out of registration packs following automatic or manual splice of wrapping film are rejected automatically until correct registration is achieved.

  • Automatic set up of print position following re-threading of film.

  • Automatic machine stop
    If the registration mark is missing or undetected for a user-specified number of packs, the machine will stop.

  • Operator instructions displayed on the colour touch screen interface.
    Fault messages and on-line help displayed on the colour touch screen interface giving reasons for the system stop or malfunction.

  • Dual language operator screen
    The colour touch screen interface is supplied in dual language - English plus customer-specified language.

  • Engineering diagnostics are available through the operator panel.
Compatible Machines
GD 4350 (All cutting head variations)
Schmermund FK
GD C600
Schmermund FFK
FOCKE 401 (Single and two knife versions)
Scandia 716
Focke 700
Scandia 708
Molins WMH2
Sassib DELTA
Molins WRAPPER 4
Sassib CP1
  GD OW Carton Overwrap
For other machines please call AccuPac for up to date information