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Tipping Paper Print Registration

Tipping Paper Print RegistrationBackground

No need to match across the cut thanks to Print Registration

Uses proven tobacco engineering technology

Developed for the Hauni MAX range of machines including MAX 80,90,100 and S variations

Uses pre-printed Tipping Paper Web - almost endless possibilities to now display different messages and images, all accurately registered


The AccuPac Tipping Paper Print Registration is currently available for the Hauni MAX range of machines including MAX 89, 90, 100, S variations.

The system provides the ability to apply tipping paper with multiple messages pre printed on the Tipping Paper Web. The AccuPac system requires a Print Registration Mark to be printed on the Web at intervals of either every cut off panel length or integer multiples* of the cut off panel length.

The system uses the standard** AccuPac servo driven Print Registration System with a bespoke mechanical interface for adapting the AccuPac system to the Hauni MAX for control of the Tipping Paper print position.

Depending upon customer specification the Print Registration Mark can be either a visible colour mark or UV fluorescent (to de determined at the time of order). The Print Registration Mark will be positioned under the overlap seam of the Tipping paper.


Photo Captions

( left image) Hauni MAX 80 - showing operator AccuPac Touch Screen Interface

(right image) Hauni MAX 80 - showing AccuPac Servo Drive )

*As per customer requirements

**As of March 2008 AccuPac systems were consolidated to enable the AccuPac Servo drive system to be configured in one standard control panel irrespective of the host machine or functionality required. I.e. The same AccuPac Servo system control panel can be applied to multiple machine types for Print Registration on, for example, GDX2 Inner Frame, Printed Polypropylene on a Focke 401 or Tipping paper Registration for the Hauni MAX. For each different machine type and application a bespoke kit of parts (ordered as a separate item) will be supplied to adapt the AccuPac Servo System control panel to each application.

HauniLead Times

Delivery: 1-5 off System - 6 to 8 weeks from order, 5+ System delivery - by agreement with customer

Installation/Commissioning: 3 to 5 days per System

General Specification

Speed of Operation: Full design speed of the host machine
Control System: AccuPac Servo System
Power Supply: 220v ac, 1 or 2 phase, 16A, 50/60Hz
Interlock Signals to Host Machine: Run Enable, Cigarette Ejection
Signals from Host to AccuPac: Clutch ON/OFF (command signal to START/STOP Servo web drive)
Print Registration Mark Dimensions: 10mm (across the web) x 1.7mm (in the direction of travel)
Colour Touch Screen Interface: The touch screen interface provides operator feedback messaging, mode selection for plain or printed paper and functionality to adjust the user variables for system configuration. The touch screen also provides a test and diagnostic facility for engineers.